The Nihilist



It is we who sit quietly,

unaffected, unassuming, unafraid,

the silent masters of our universe,

the observers of a reality

that no one else noticed was variable.

It is we who wait patiently —

but without hopefulness —

for a world that does not change,

that prides itself

on rediscoveries of old

time and time again.

It is we who remain,

dispassionate, detached, desolate,

the captives of a changeless world

that mostly shifts in useless, stagnant ways

that we understand far too well

to truly become a part of.

But together on our cold and rocky cliff —

that towers over waters of tradition, of perception, of limitation;

above cities, above empires, above human understanding —

we sit beyond the reach of common fate.

And on our seaside we wait, so innocently entranced

by the timelessness and invincibility of our careless whims

which fight feebly but surely against impeding nothingness

and by the feeling

of a feeling

for something greater than ourselves.


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