Why I’m not satisfied with the “some good guys” argument

Non-traditional notions

It’s been a rough year for college fraternities. At my own university, UC Berkeley, the last couple weeks have begun to expose what are undoubtedly just a tiny percentage of the many instances of sexual assault and sexual abuse that happen every weekend in fraternities across American universities. But I’m not here to talk about the numbers or the incidents. I knew this was happening all along, and I certainly spoke up. Yet everywhere I got the same reactionary responses:

“There are some good guys! If not, more good guys than bad ones!”

“But you can’t say that about them all!”

“Have you even talked to these dudes? Some of my best friends are in fraternities and they’re not like that all!”

“But there are so many other good things frats do!”

But before I can even get to addressing these ‘defenses’, I’m usually cut-off by apologists or reactionaries. It’s understandable–it’s hard to…

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